Social Impact Statement

August 2023



Bluepoint’s ethos towards Social Impact is that the company, its employees, sub-contractors and representatives
should always have a positive impact, however seemingly small, on the communities in which we operate.

Below are some of the ways in which Bluepoint delivers Social Impact:

• Supporting local SME’s and micro businesses through accommodation and daily amenity requirements
• Purchasing materials from local businesses where available
• Working with likeminded and socially responsible partners
• Educating our staff and sub-contractors on their responsibility as representatives of a socially aware company
• Sponsorship of local organisations and non-profit’s
• Raising awareness within our business of our environmental and social responsibilities
• Developing employees and sub-contractors through tailored and individual training programs
• Maintenance and awareness of our CSR and Environmental policies
• Offsetting Carbon Dioxide emissions and reducing our carbon footprint through carbon offset programs
(Current: Yuntdag Wind Power Project, Turkey)