Network Audits

Network audits to protect infrastructure and performance

Are you having network issues? Let’s get that resolved, pronto.

Enhanced network audits are carried out to identify issues with your data cabling infrastructure. From network speed and overall performance to health and safety risks, network audits provide you with the visibility and clarity to make independent, informed decisions around your IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure is the foundation of your entire business, so we work hard to understand your requirements and optimise your organisation. Our infrastructure audit team will learn everything there is to know about how your system works and what you require from it. We will then suggest improvements to the architecture, tools, culture, and communication across your infrastructure. We work with you to make purposeful, deliberate choices that give your business the desired results today as well as the room to grow in the future.


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What’s included?

  • Current installation details
  • Copper and fibre optic structured cabling installation
  • Cabling performance checks
  • Review patching cabinets
  • Network performance tests
  • Future network requirements
  • Suggested actions

Network performance should be reviewed at regular intervals to avoid any performance issues. As your business grows and evolves, your data infrastructure needs to move at the same pace. Bluepoint Technologies can help you plan for network expansion, additional users, disaster recovery and future upgrades.


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