Sustainability Policy

February 2024

Bluepoint Technologies is a network infrastructure company that designs and installs data networks within clients’ premises. We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment, whether through direct or indirect emissions.

We operate a sustainability management system based on the 3 scope principals of the GHG Protocols, which is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard. Our sustainability management system is assessed annually by EcoVadis, the worlds most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

This policy provides the overarching framework for our sustainability management system.

Scope 1

Company premises

  • LED lighting is used throughout the building, lights are always switched off when a room is not in use
  • Heating/cooling controls are accurately set and only used when absolutely necessary
  • Glass, plastic, tin, and cardboard waste is separated and recycled appropriately
  • Metal waste, batteries, and ink cartridges are stored and recycled appropriately
  • We only print when it is 100% necessary
  • We avoid single use plastics such as sugar sachets and individual milk pots
  • We purchase consumables in bulk to reduce individual packaging
  • We prioritise energy efficiency when purchasing new electronic equipment

Company vehicles

  • 80% of our company fleet is now fully electric
  • 2 EV charging stations are available at our company premises

Flexible working

  • Employees all have the ability to work from home and we take a flexible approach to this, reducing vehicle emissions from commuting, and energy use in the office itself

Scope 2

Purchased energy

  • We are currently working with suitable providers to review options to be supplied with 100% renewable energy

Scope 3

Business travel and commuting

  • Public transport is used for site travel, meetings, and events. Where not practically possible, we incentivise car sharing
  • Meetings are coordinated to minimise the number of journeys we make

Waste generated from operations

  • All site waste is dealt with in accordance with the principal contractors’ site waste management plan, or in accordance with the relevant site operations
  • Any waste removed from site is separated and recycled as appropriate
  • Where possible, legacy IT equipment is donated to a refurbishment charity who can donate it to the disadvantaged. Where this is not possible, it is provided to a licensed waste disposal facility
  • Noise and dust levels must be kept to a minimum

Supply chain and procurement

  • We are currently working with our suppliers to provide embodied carbon data on all infrastructure products we purchase, allowing us to monitor, compare, and share with our clients the emissions associated with the entire lifecycle of each product
  • Consumables are purchased in bulk to reduce packaging
  • We avoid single use and individual packaging
  • We expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable health, safety, labour, human rights, and environmental regulations
  • We expect our suppliers to outline their sustainable/environmental initiatives

Other activities

  • In 2018, Bluepoint and its partners completed a carbon neutral installation of a large financial institutions’ data centre in the UK, offsetting 59 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the Yuntdag Wind Power Project in Turkey

This policy can be read in conjunction with the following related Bluepoint policies:

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