December 18, 2020

3 reasons to upgrade your cabling NOW!

Most businesses wait until their computer networks fail before taking corrective action. Here’s 3 reasons to sort the problem before it occurs!

If your business has seen rapid growth, is expected to grow, moving location, working with cabling that was installed some time ago, or installed by an electrician or non-data cabling professional, then there’s a good chance that your network is not as efficient as it could be, especially as we now rely so heavily on online applications and SaaS solutions.

A lot of the companies we work with are still using infrastructure that was installed in the 90’s, or earlier, and we often find that these networks simply cannot keep pace with today’s demands, resulting in slow or intermittent internet speeds, complaints from end users and too much time spent transferring files between locations.

3 reasons to upgrade now to avoid issues:

1. PerformanceReduce complaints from end users and decrease the time it takes to download or transfer files between locations.

The main evolution in data cabling is the ability to transfer data at higher speeds with less interference (the table below looks at the key differences between the main cable types). Worn or damaged cable insulation and shielding is likely to result in performance degradation from crosstalk related problems (interference).

2. Future Proofing your businessEnsure you have enough data points to cover your current and future needs.

You may currently have all of the network points you need, but have you considered how you may require additional hardware in the future, more telephone and internet points, additional security, VoIP, IP or Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices? Also, as the demand for fast internet and download speeds increase, an upgraded data cabling network will ensure that your business can handle the pace and is able to compete.

3. Health & SafetyMitigate against accidents and performance degradation.

There are lots of reasons why untidy cabling should ring alarm bells. Not only are there major health & safety concerns with loose or untidy cabling, but also degradation in performance. When cables are stacked or over bundled, walked over or damaged in any way, then you’re likely to see performance degradation too.

The main Ethernet cable types. Is your business future proofed?

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