September 14, 2021

Bluepoint’s Craig Gains Official Wireless Certification


Craig’s Certified Wireless Infrastructure Technician (CWIT®) Certification Demonstrates Bluepoint’s Dedication to Technological Development

We are pleased to announce that Senior Project Manager Craig Trumpess has successfully gained the Certified Wireless Infrastructure Technician certification.

The CWIT® program, designed and delivered by CNet Training, expands the knowledge of experienced digital infrastructure technicians, focusing on methods used for connection to backbone networks, with explorations into the principles of microwave radio bearers, fibre systems and cable technologies. Each subject area covers the latest standards and codes of practice, ensuring technicians are armed with everything they need to undertake installation projects to the highest possible standards.

Using the latest wireless technologies allows users to gain comprehensive knowledge on a broad range of common wireless technologies which co-exist to create a complete wireless networking solution, that deliver a seamless mobility experience.

Kathryn Aves, Managing Director at Bluepoint Technologies, says;

“We are committed to working across the industry to ensure continuous professional development. A member of our team gaining the CWIT® certification aligns to our mission to excel within fields of installation through our technical abilities. We are delighted to add CWIT® to our accreditation portfolio.”

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