May 14, 2021

The Colour of Money – a simple solution


Featured Case Study: Structured cabling installation for a large financial organisation

When we were appointed to complete our largest installation in the UK to date, in 2017, we knew the key components to our success would be collaboration, innovation and quality. Our client, a large financial organisation, tasked us with supplying, installing and testing the proposed cabinet and structured cabling system for its Data Centre.


Effective collaboration is a crucial ingredient for any project. When it comes to a project of this size, building and maintaining excellent working relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers truly is paramount to a successful outcome. Ensuring the project vision and goals are fully aligned across all parties, through consistent two-way communication of any factors that could affect progress or overall success such as expectations and budgets, helps to minimise disruptions and ultimately deliver a satisfactory result for everyone involved. Many of our clients find what we do very complicated, so we always endeavour to ensure we explain the why and how of any project in terms that do not overcomplicate unnecessarily.

During this project, we worked closely with the client and Leviton’s product management and design teams in Scotland and the US to deliver the right solution, including a bespoke colour coded design.


At Bluepoint, innovation is one of our core values. We are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver the most innovative and resilient solutions to our customers. However, a creative solution doesn’t always mean a complicated solution, or even an expensive one.

For this particular installation, colour coded diverse backbones leading to patch panel ports and patch leads, also following the same colour coding, allow for easy identification within the vendors complex network. The simple act of colour coding backbone links will ultimately save the client hours of manpower and significant budget by negating any unnecessary disruption in the event of future work on the network.

When we assess the challenges faced by our customers, we seek the best solution not only right now, but with the future firmly in mind.


At Bluepoint, we bring a commitment to quality to every project and always utilise the highest quality technology and equipment possible within the available budget. By using Leviton’s high-performance solution for this installation, we could be confident that the customer would receive the ongoing features and benefits of top-class connectivity, with the added benefit of Leviton’s 25-year warranty certificate.

Quality of workmanship is equally important, and, in this case, we demonstrated our dedication and expertise beyond the final phase by testing every link and providing a summary report to the client.

For full details of the project, click here to read the case study.

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